Online marketing

>>> How to reached better results with digital marketing? <<<

Online marketing aims to increase Web Traffic by advertising: Google Keyword Ad (AdWords); Facebook Presentation of a particular product or page to a specific audience; mail marketing and other tools that can increase conversion (product/service realization) into your system. In order to select the appropriate ad method, you first need to explore what the audience is…, that is, the users who really have an interest in your product or service. In this way, you do not pay for advertising to people who would not benefit from it, and therefore you will not have any returns on them. Once we’ve determined the given audience and fully comply with your domain, branch, or activity on your web system, we’ll also choose marketing advertising tools. In most cases, it’s best to use multiple types of ads, as this has a “vortex” in the audience, and each ad method contributes something more…

The main online marketing tools used are: Google AdWords; Facebook advertising (page likes, site clicks, article or event enhancement, video or images); Banner advertising on sites with high traffic; Mail marketing; Contextual advertising and others.

Recently, the remarketing ad is also very effective, which is designed to show users the product or service that they have already shown interest in, but have not come to fruition…, this method actually succeeds in increasing your current conversion, which is the ultimate goal of online marketing. Current remarketing tools are Facebook Pixel and Google Merchant Center.

Major online marker tools:
Google AdWords
Facebook Ads
Banner advertising on sites with high traffic
Mail marketing (mass-media)
Contextual advertising

Current remarketing tools:
Facebook Pixel
Google Merchant Center

We offer a detailed online research of competing keywords and Facebook and Google ads on other rival sites and create a sample plan for the most effective ad campaign. We organize and monitor an ad campaign based on a customer’s budget, with the necessary marketing tools. At the end of each campaign, we report on the success and volume of your ads. We perform embedding of external codes for remarketing apps in web systems and we also provide statistics on ad performance.

Digital marketing:
Organize, monitor, and report on a Facebook advertising campaign
Organize, monitor, and report a Google AdWords ad campaign
Organizing, monitoring and reporting of mass-media advertising campaign
Embedding, monitoring, and reporting a remarketing ad campaign


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